A CERTIFIED ORGANIC liquid fertilizer, that is:

- ECOCERT & NOP accredited

- 100% natural, made from EARTHWORM EXTRACT

- Contains beneficial organisms for long term effect

- Contains the following:

  • Auxins, cytokines

  • Micro and macro elements relationally composed to enhance root growth and flower stimulation.

Benefits from using TRU GROWER:

  • Enhance root growth

  • Improve soil structure

  • Enhance soil aeration

  • Improve biological health and activity in the soil

  • Beneficial organisms in the soil improves the availability of nutrients to the plants.

  • Improves overall growth in the plant

  • Stimulates flowering

TRUGROWER can be applied as a soil drench or as a foliar feed, depending on your needs.

We have the following available:

  • 5L, 1L, 500ml, 200ml or 100ml sizes

  • Giftboxes

  • Starter Kits

We ship nationwide.